Gran convocatoria tuvo Seminario de Turismo Sustentable en Campus San Felipe UPLA


En el auditorio del Campus San Felipe de la Universidad de Playa Ancha se realizó el Primer Seminario de Turismo Sustentable del Valle …

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Dirigentes sociales asisten a talleres en campus San Felipe UPLA


El auditorio del campus San Felipe de la Universidad de Playa Ancha fue escenario del primero de un ciclo de talleres y seminarios …

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Hello everyone


Hello everyone,Currently I am looking into building my first gaming PC which I plan on spending no more than $150 on my CPU …

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Curso de liderazgo para dirigentes sociales en Campus San Felipe UPLA


Con la asistencia de 20 dirigentes sociales de la comuna de Catemu, en el Campus San Felipe de la Universidad de Playa Ancha, …

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We are offering


We are offering an alternative. Instead of a country run for the rich, we want to see one in which all of us …

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However, they are often harmful to the environment (Getu, 2009). The only alternative to chemical fertilizers is the use of organic methods, which …

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It a familiar


It a familiar story: Pig Turnip started out as a food stand in Eugene but with a stationary location that wasn easily accessible. …

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Both operated


Both operated on generators.Flooding also found the east parking lot of Village Hall, near the village’s Fleet Maintenance Facility. Some village vehicles and …

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